Visual Artists


Leslie Big What photoLeslie Caneda
Through my artwork, I wish to remind people of their innate child-like sense of wonder and whimsy. Though we are consistently growing through adult experiences that can test the strength of our imaginations and dim the light from within, we are able to access that playfulness, especially through art and music.


bryanBryan Bailey
You’ll most likely find Bryan Bailey pensively working a paintbrush across a glowing canvas as he bops to the beat. Music with a good beat and some delicious bass gets him going creatively, and he prefers to live paint to these types of bands. The multi-layered paintings flow in and out of his own three-dimensional universe, the stripes only giving you a peek of what may be swirling inside his Technicolor mind. “I just breathe, let my mind go blank, and just try to feel and let what flows out come out. Sometimes take a little of that and just go with it.” “Life is what you make it. Your thoughts, what you put in and your mindset will be the outcome of your fate and future.”


Bryan Leaf Stacy
It takes many years to develop your hands to paint great things. There is no easy way around this…I have been an artist my whole life and have studied it for many years. I received my BFA from Guilford Collage in 2009 with a concentration in Drawing, Sculpture, and Printmaking. Throughout my stay from 2005-2009 I worked delivering food and maintained above a 3.2 GPA in order to carry a scholarship through the CFNC. In early 2012 I opened Anvil & Ink (Tattoo Parlor/Gallery/Studios) here in Wilmington, NC. I travel as much as I can throughout the year and my mural work can be seen up and down the East Coast-from Brooklyn to Miami!

My style of art doesn’t really have a name. I call it LEAFMECH, it’s a hybrid style of my own graffiti lettering (west-coast wildstyle, cholo handstyle, east-coast rap letters) and Bio-Mechanical art. Bio-mechanical art was invented by the late-great H.R. Giger and elaborated upon by many artists and tattooers, whom were influences on me. Specifically, Guy Aitchison and Aaron Cain.


Zack Weaver
I was born and raised in Michigan by a large family that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Art has been about as natural an instinct to me as breathing or drinking a cold beer. It’s what I was given, and I plan on using it full force until I explode. I went to school for film at Full Sail University and have lived in Wilmington, NC since 2007. This city is salty, old, imperfect and I love it.

I have a wide range of work experience, a mixed bag of skills, and a respectable comic book collection. Currently I work out of Anvil and Ink Tattoos on Castle St. where I get to make art with some of my best friends almost every day. Other affiliates include Art Slab Movement, Thrive Studios, Spectrum Geometry, Snapdragon Screen Printing and Rob Fogle’s Art Cream Truck. Every day I grow. Every day I learn.


Topher Glass
Hello world, I am Topher Glass.  I am a sculpture artist from Greensboro NC. I say sculpture artist but when it comes to my polymer clay art, I basically paint with clay. I produce real 3D painting/sculptures, no glasses needed!  Most of my art includes UV clay, giving my art a completely different look at night or under UV light. If you happen catch me doing this live, I recommend staying for a bit and checking it  out. The process can be very entertaining, I hope to see you all!!


Jerry Cahill
Putting paint to canvas is the smallest element in the creative process, I like to draw parallels between my creative process and the process of Quantum Physics, in that the tangible product is just that, a product, a culmination of a series of events, in the case of making art the events that influence production are thoughts, conversations, things I learn, people I meet, meditation, visions, and of course music I listen to only after these practices can art be made.


Jacob Kirby
I’m Jacob Kirby, I focus in wire wrap jewelry as my art form mostly, but also like to play with acrylic mediums on canvas and wood panels.  I work with a group of artists out of Richmond Virginia, we have a studio downtown RVA called The ArtCade Artist Collective.


Zilla Smith
An astronaut sails far, and wide into the vast seas of inner space in search of many visual treasures. Letting the stars take the wheel, Brad “Zilla” Smith, a North Carolina native, has given his search for the missing link between science and spirituality a way to be seen like no other. Offering his work as a brief glimpse into the places that he travels in his sleep. A blend of futurism and surrealism, his work is aimed at provoking otherworldly thought progressions with hope to inspire others to explore their dreams and find connection to their own spirituality.


Lacey Vilandry
Lacey Vilandry, also known as Silver Arrow, has been on the live art scene for the past three years, having painted at over twenty festivals and countless concerts. Live painting has been an incredible way for her to understand channeling energy around her and become less judgmental of ideas. She quickly noticed a distinct difference in technique and subject matter between live painting and painting at home or a studio, which she attributes to the energy coming from the music, the environment, and the people. Also, with minimal time for judgment or second-guessing decisions and ideas, the end result is often a different painting than what she originally imagined. To Lacey, her art is a spiritual practice and a form of meditation. She starts off with a basic color palette, which she uses as a springboard. To her, concrete ideas diminish the mindful, meditative aspects of art making. Instead, she opts for a flow state, which has general direction, but no opposition to change. She feels that this process allows for not only channeling her subconscious, but also becomes a medium, translating the energy of her immediate vicinity into colors and forms.


Jessica Camilli
I was born in Georgetown, DC, received my BFA from James Madison University and am currently working out of Nashville, Tennessee. I love rendering the female form, exploring surreal illustration, and creating meticulous pen drawings. I am passionate about life and enjoy it most when I am creating art, teaching yoga, or traveling. I enjoy playing with the balance of my two occupations – flowing between the lightness and selflessness of yoga and the heaviness and introspective nature of art making.



 Julia Catherine
My name is Julia and I am an artistic healer, here to create balance beauty and bliss. After graduating from the College of Charleston with a BFA in Studio Art and double minor in Geology and Computational Thinking life was still full of many unanswered questions and I was lacking intentional direction. After several life altering experiences I had a spiritual awakening, a knowing that I am here to participate in the great unfolding and evolution of human consciousness. I am a live artist, a flow artist, a fine artist, a Thai body worker, a Reiki energy worker, a Zija distributor, and a photographer. With all of these modalities I intend to cultivate, share, and inspire balance, beauty, and bliss on this earth plane. Come join me! To continue spreading this creative healing magic I need all the support I can get! I have art, prints, essential oils, and balms for sale. I am also available by appointment in Charleston and the surrounding areas.


Jenée Harrison
Using various mediums, I conjure idols that attempt to seduce the viewer into a dreamlike realm filled with water and smoke. My style fuses aesthetics of multiple cultures with mythology and religion to conceive a world of ambiguous fantasies. The Divine Feminine is a reoccurring subject in nearly all of my projects. My creations are a reflection of me, they represent my anxieties and desires. Through my art, I give life to my emotions so that I can better understand them and eventually overcome them.


IMG_0555Josh Zarambo
I’m an international visionary live painter, teachers include Alex Grey Amanda Sage among a dozen other masters. I have a passion for painting and music and hope to wow you all with a beautiful painting. My style is old master technique meets modern futurism.


Gavin Gonzo Gerundo

Gavin is a Cincinnati native artist who utilizes acrylic paint on leather and vinyl canvasses to create paintings bursting with color and life. Since his debut on the live painting scene in 2014, Gavin has been captivating audiences through live art performances at concerts and music festivals across the country. His style combines living line-work with pulsing pointillism in an array of prismatic color and motion through the combination of geometry and weaving lines. The paintings come to life as Gavin’s lights morph the colors creating a truly immersive art experience.