Come Back Alice

hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
instagram: @comebackalice

Structured largely from improvisational influences, the band found their unique sound by allowing each member to artistically express their individual style(s). “Everyone said you couldn’t combine quirky classical stylings with funky drums and fiddles and still end up with an audience friendly genre”, says lead guitar and vocalist Tony Tyler, “…but it’s that unexpected combination that makes people quickly take notice and groove along with Come Back Alice.”

Founded towards the end of 2011, the CBA train is quickly picking up steam. With a passion for live performance, the band comes equipped with a full production of lights, sound, and a promise to never play the same show twice!

Come Back Alice is hitting the nation with a LIVE album to be released in Summer 2017, along with a trip back to Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta for their sophomore studio release. With major interest from some of the music industry’s heavy hitters, these guys and gal from St. Petersburg, Florida are breaking new ground…and really shaking things up!