Big Something’s Casey Cranford and Cory Wong (of Vulfpeck) Interview Each Other

Ahead of The Big What? – Big Something’s Casey Cranford and Cory Wong (of Vulfpeck) recently sat down to discuss music, books, coffee shops and even Teleportation. Check out the conversation below:

Casey: Hi Cory, thank you for coming to our festival and for taking some time to talk. First off, what age were you when you picked up the guitar, and what drew you to it?

Cory: I was 13 when I started playing guitar. Originally I was a bass player. I wanted more than anything to start a band with two of my friends. One said he’d learn how to play drums, and the other one said that his dad had a bass in the basement…since we couldn’t have two bass players, I decided that I’d take one for the team and save up to get a guitar and learn how to play it. So…here we are….I’m a bass player who had to learn how to play guitar, hahaha.

Casey: What are some of your favorite books?

Cory: There’s a handful of books that are important for me in my life right now. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, The Bible, Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins, and The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten.

Casey: Can you tell me some of your inspirations, in terms of music or just outside influences?

Cory: I am inspired a lot by landscapes and nature. Yea…sounds cliche, but there’s something about a great view that really cuts at my core. I’m also a huge fan of Monet’s artwork. The Gardens at Giverny paintings have been a huge inspiration for years. I had a chance to go to Giverny, France this year and see the gardens in person. It was incredible. So…here we are…a guy inspired by visual art playing music, haha.

Casey: If you could be fluent in any instrument, what would it be?

Cory: piano. I’ve just never put the time in the shed. I can play some, but not fluently.

Casey: What types of thoughts run though your head when you are deep inside of a groove or jam?

Cory: either. wow that catering was incredible. or, wow that catering was whack.
haha ok just kidding. Really it’s kind of a transcendent place being deep inside the jam. It’s hard to explain. When it’s really locked it’s just finding where the energy needs to go. It’s not really about the thoughts, it’s about the feel!


Cory: In all of your touring…what’s your favorite coffee shop in the US?

Casey: I’m not going to lie, my favorite coffee shop is still the one around the corner from my house in Greensboro NC! It’s a really groovy spot with a pool table, nice couches and even a miniature theater. Common Grounds is the name of the shop in case you ever find yourself in Greensboro!

Cory: What’s the thing you think people spend a lot of time on that’s unnecessary? Can be relating to any field or part of life.

Casey: I’m going to shout the obvious and say that scrolling through social media apps can be a huge waste of time! I don’t think it’s completely unnecessary, but a lot of what we see on these platforms is largely non useful.

Cory: If there was one musician from each of these eras to be your sidekick/comrade/partner/whatever, who would it be? pick someone from each of these 3 eras. A) pre-1900 B)1900-1999 C)2000-current

Casey: A) Claude Debussy (hopefully that counts even though his work bleeds into the 1900’s) B) John Coltrane C) Björk

Cory: Flying or Teleportation? and why?

Casey: Teleportation for sure! It would be fun to fly but being able to transport myself anywhere instantly would be too useful to pass up. Thank you for your questions Cory, I look forward to meeting you at the festival!

Big Something and Cory Wong will perform at The Big What? Festival, taking place August 16-18 at Shakori Hills Community Arts Center In Pittsboro, NC. Tickets are on sale now.